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Status of restoration MG TD 1951

Before it started

Before it started

Interior details

XPAG engine details

Front car dismantle

Body off chassis

Engine out

My biggest and best help, our son Tim

Chassis ready for blasting and painting

Chassis after blasting and painting 

(blasting and painting by ETAVES in Ter Apel)

Small parts are blasted and painted in own "cabine"

Wishbone before and after blasting

Small parts are painted in simple paint cabine.

Tim is still highly interested in the project. 

The first parts are connected again to the chassis

The front suspension and steering back in place.

New rubber parts, reviced shocks, al parts blasted, zink coated and repainted.

Original black painted Brass parts have been cleaned and are only painted with transparant paint.

Searching for parts

At the moment I am searching for parts for my MG TD. I have bought new as well as used parts for my TD.

Parts I have bought:

Used parts:

- Original Lacas 700 head lights, these were missing.
Original Lucas tail lights lenses and bezzels, these were missing.
- Radiator stay bar.
- Old original steering wheel in good condition.
- Lucas wind screen wiper motor.
- Original air intake manifold with oil bath air filter.

New parts:

- Complete beige vinyl / leather interior panels and seats.
Complete two bow hood tan canvas duck.
Side screens canvas duck beige.
1/2 tonneau canvas duc tan.
Black interior carpets.
- 5 chromed wheel covers.
- Dash, old one was to dry to make walnut style.
- Wiring loom.

Rubber Parts:

- 5 Tyres 560 x 15 Camac radial pline, including inner tubes.
- Al rubber chassis parts.
- Rubber parts front suspension.
- Rubber parts rear axle.
- Al Rubber body parts.
- Break hoses.
- Redress kit master cylinder.
- Redress kit break cilinders.
- Engine rubbers.

I am searching for:

The MG TD is more less complete at the moment, critical parts are available now.

Parts are good available and can be searched from several suppliers. See below an example of an old style spare parts catalouge.

Interior and hood parts from old style Anglo Parts catalouge.


Camac tyres at the back and steering, front suspension and rear axle parts as seen in NTG catalouge.