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Malaysian TD2000, kit car or fine replacement for original TD ?

Malaysian TD 2000, new generation TD since 1986.

The MG TD is one of the most copied models used for building kit-cars. In the USA you will find more often kit-cars where it can be seen that the MG TD has been the example for the design. Often the cars do not have the right looks compared to the original. Which is of course not easy to copy. Often VW Beetles have been saved from the grave yard to get a second live as a copied Kit-Car TD. The luggage compartment in the front must be useful in this case.

Since 2000 the TD2000 is produced in Malaysia, a kit-car or a serious nowadays production sports car ? It is up to you to decide. Is this the return of the MG TD, or is it just a kit car like al other copies. For sure it is the only car which has a well looking like original radiator shell. Also the complete well known design of the original TD is in good shape on the TD2000. The back lights are not as nice as the originals and could be more classic in design. These do not fit the classic style.

The design of the car is from 1986. Starting from then the TD2000 is manufactured in Australia for the home market. The car is delivered through 70 dealerships of Toyota, because the TD2000 contains an engine from Toyota. In 1998, the owners of TD2000 Pty Ltd (Australia) felt that the company and car could go further with new ownership and indicated that it was available for sale. The availability came to the attention of a group of Malaysian and Australian businessmen who jointly took up the offer to purchase the company.

A new Malaysian-based company (with 70% Malaysian and 30% Australian ownership), known as TD Cars (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., was established and took over all the assets and intellectual properties of TD2000 Pty Ltd. Although the economic crisis in Asia was of concern, they were bullish about the prospects of selling the car in the world market and decided to produce it in Malaysia.

Having the production base in Malaysia was not just for nationalistic reasons, as TD Cars (Malaysia) Managing Director, Edward Teo explains: "The country has a mature automobile manufacturing industry which started from the 1960s. The workforce is skilled and there is a well established and competent network of component suppliers. They supply not just to domestic factories but also to major manufacturers around the world so there is a world-class quality standard."

TD2000, TD Cars (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. modernised it further while retaining the original styling of yesteryear. A state of the art 2.0 litre DOHC EFI 16-valve engine with a matched gearbox made in Japan was chosen and a long term supply agreement was signed with Toyota Tsusho Corporation, the trading arm of Toyota Motor Corporation.

TD Cars (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. has modest production plans in the first few years and expects to sell 90% of its production outside Malaysia. Export sales commenced in May 2001 to Singapore, followed by Australia in December. By mid-2002, Taiwan and Japan were added to the export countries. Todate, other market include Brunei, Egypt, Great Britian, India, Macau Kuwait, New Zealand, Philippines,Singapore and UAE.

"This is a classic sports car with modern engineering and safety features. It has world-class qualities with the latest ADR Certification and we believe those who yearn for the pleasure of the earlier eras of motoring will find our TD2000 a very appealing production to own and use," promises Teo.

TD 2000



Engine & Interior

 Technical Specifications TD 2000




Country of origin :



Code :



Displacement :



Bore x stroke :

86mm x 86mm


Cylinders :

4, in-line, mounted longitudinally


Compression ratio :

9.5 : 1


Valve train :

Double overhead camshafts with scissors gear drive, 4 valves per cylinder, cross-flow manifold layout, aluminium cylinder head


Fuel delivery :

Electronic fuel injection managed by fully-computerised engine management system, dual ignition system


Fuel requirement :

Premium unleaded petrol (RON 97 or higher)


Maximum power :

96kW @ 5600 rpm (DIN), approximately 130 bhp


Maximum Torque :

180 Nm @ 4400 rpm (DIN)


Emission :

Control 3-way catalytic converter, meets 1999 ADR37/01
(European Standard Directive 98/69/EC)


Electrical system :

12 V




Driving Wheels :



Gearbox (Manual) :

Manual with five forward ratios, one reverse, full synchromesh, floor-mounted gearshift lever


Country of origin :




1st 3.95
2nd 2.14
3rd 1.38
4th 1.00
5th 0.85
Rev 4.09


Gearbox (Automatic):

Automatic with three forward ratios, one overdrive, one reverse.


Ratios :

1st 2.450
2nd 1.450
3rd 1.000
4th 0.689
Rev 2.222