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1949 James Youngh Bentley  bangered

The Dutchman Pieter Leistra bangers an exclusive 1949 James Youngh Bentley to heaven at the Essex Arena in UK 2007.

The jury mentioned it the “crash of the day” and “the crazy Dutchman” got a trophy for it. Simon Rolph, the driver of the car which was hit hard on the back was not harmed and angry at all. He even gave the crazy Dutchman a compliment and said: “Nice work, bloke”.


The bangered Bentley of 1949 was a design of James Youngh. Only five were made of this model. One of the five left is in a Bentley museum and is insured for 1.300.000 Euros. Now an other one of the remaining cars was smashed in a demolition derby at the Essex arena in 2007. Also the car which was serious hit on the back by Pieter Leistra’s Bentley was a nice Alvis TA 21 Graylady of the late 40’s or 50’s, driven by Simon Rolph.


Below you will find some movies before, during and after the banger crash.


Even today many British classics come to their end in this demolition derby’s in UK. Many Jaguars, Daimlers, Rolls Royce’s, Benley’s etc. have find their final rest. Also classic British hearses and ambulances are popular because of their massive weight.


After I found out about the bagered 1949 James Youngh Bentley. I searched on the Internet for other UK classics which were bangered away. In this paragraph you will find what I found. It might not make the real classic enthusiats happy.



These exclusive cars have been bangered to wrecks.

1949 James Youngh Bentley Saloon, bangered in 2007 

1940's Alvis TA21 Greylady, bangered in 2007 

1937 Daimler Hearse, bangered in 2006 

1937 Daimler DB1, bangered in 2001 

1930's Rover 12, bangered in 2006 

1940's Austin 16 ,10 & FL1, bangered in 2007 

1940's Rover P2 Saloon, bangered in 2007 

1950 Hillman Pulman Hearse, bangered in 2005 

1940's Daimler DB1 & 1960's Rolls Royce Silver Cloud, bangered in 2006 

1940's Daimler DB1, 1940's Austing A125 Ambulance, 1960's Rolls Royce Silver Cloud, bangered in 2006 

1940's Austin A125 Sheerline Saloon, bangered in 2007 

1940's Austin A125 Sheerline Saloon, bangered in 2007 

1940's Austin A135 Sheerline, bangered in 2002 

1940's Austin A135 Sheerline, bangered in 2002 

1940's Austin A135 Sheerline, bangered in 2002 

1940's Austin A125 Sheerline, bangered in 2005 - 2007 

1940's Armstrong Siddely, bangered in 2007 

1940's Armstrong Siddley, bangered in 2002 

1950's Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 2 x , bangered in 2005 

1950's Bentley S2, bangered in 2002 

1950's, Humber Hawk, bangered in 2007 

1960-'s Jaguar MK X, Jaguar 420, and Daimler 420, bangered in 2007 

1950's MG Magnette & Wolseley 15/5, bangered in 2007 

Daimler DS 420 limousines & hearses, bangered in 2007 

Daimler DS 420 hearse, bangered in 2007 

Jaguar XK150 bangered